Nestled in the lobby of Silverland May Hotel, Bason Café Thi Sach offers a tranquil and dreamy escape. Picturing yourself sitting next to a large windows overlook a bustling street lined with towering green tamarind trees, watching the playful sunlight dance on your hot latte, and relishing your carefree moments.

Beyond being a spot for delightful drinks, Bason Café Thi Sach is a rendezvous for souls enchanted by the charm of both old and modern Saigon. Step into Bason Café Thi Sach and immerse yourself in a "Dreamy Saigon" right in the heart of the lively and busy city.


Other Premises

Bason Café Dong Khoi

Bason Café Dong Khoi

Bason Café Ben Thanh

Bason Café Ben Thanh

KL Spa <br>Silverland Mây

KL Spa
Silverland Mây

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