We deeply understand that a sustainable business needs a solid cultural foundation. 

At Silverland Hospitality, each individual is a valuable asset, and together we aim to build up and strengthen the ten corporate elements:

S – Service Provider: Striving for the satisfaction and smiles of each customer.

I – Integrity: Esteeming the honesty and fairness of each individual.

L – Learning: Providing opportunities for individuals to enhance skills, knowledge, and expertise.

V – Valuing: Upholding values, understanding privacy, and respecting differences.

E – Engaging: Connecting individual needs with professional and friendly services.

R – Recognizing: Acknowledging the contributions of each individual in the business’s development.

L – Leading: Leading trends, constantly improving, and innovating in every service provided.

A – Achieving: Completing assigned tasks at the highest possible level and achieving tangible results.

N – Networking: Connecting and sharing; supporting and listening; caring and aligning, for the collective common goal.

D – Delivering: Committing to listening to every contribution, addressing every criticism, and taking responsibility for every feedback.

Open Positions

We value each team member as an integral part of the business’s development.

It is our honor to welcome new companions on this journey. Please send your resume and cover letter to the email address

Silverland Hospitality Group - Sales

Tax Accountant

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The Myst Dong Khoi ホテル - Sales

Banquet Sales Manager

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Silverland Hospitality Group - Marcom

Sales Manager

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Silverland Hospitality Group - Accounting

General Accounting

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