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Silverland Mây Hotel harmonizes with Hozo 2023.


With architecture that subtly reflects the gentle Indochinese style and sophisticated natural highlights, Silverland Mây Hotel is an ideal destination for romantic souls who love to explore and experience right in the "heart" of the city.

Silverland Mây Hotel harmonizes with Hozo 2023.

Silverland Mây Hotel is one of the two newest 4-star hotel offerings from the Silverland Hospitality Group, located on Thi Sách Street in District 1, the city's central area.

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Silverland Mây Hotel owns 124 comfortable and classy rooms

Having been in the market since 2001, Silverland Hospitality Group has built and operated a chain of boutique hotels meeting 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star standards at prime central locations in Ho Chi Minh City. Silverland Hospitality's hotels are designed in various styles and architectures, offering full luxurious amenities and professional services to meet travelers' needs.

Additionally, Silverland Hospitality Group plays a role in connecting guests with high-value experiences related to culture, history, art, nature, and lifestyle.

Silverland Mây Hotel welcomes international artists to attend HOZO 2023

Recognizing many similarities in the goal of promoting Vietnamese cultural experiences, Silverland Mây Hotel recently partnered with the Hozo 2023 International Music Festival, becoming the accommodation sponsor for international artists. The collaboration of Silverland Mây Hotel not only contributed to the resounding success of the music festival and left many positive impressions on friends worldwide.

Experience Saigon Culture at Silverland Mây Hotel

Silverland Mây Hotel is located right in the "heart" of the city, on the tranquil Thi Sách Street amid Saigon. Guests can quickly and easily reach Nguyen Hue Walking Street and other famous sightseeing and entertainment spots from the hotel. This is the ideal place for any traveler visiting the city to stay.

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The luxurious main lobby is accented with handcrafted cotton flower decorations, offering a visually delightful first impression to anyone visiting Silverland Mây.

Inspired by the image of the cotton tree, the hotel offers a space that is both charming and friendly, relaxing yet elegant. Silverland Mây prides itself on its sophisticated interior features, skillfully blending the city's history with renowned traditional materials. These include Khmer terracotta and modern design elements that add unique touches throughout, from the luxurious main lobby to the rooftop pool, where breezes from the Saigon River enhance the experience.

Rooms at Silverland Mây offer views that capture the entire cityscape.

Tracing back the history of Ho Chi Minh City, previously known as Saigon, it once bore the name “Prei Nokor.” In Khmer, "Prei" means forest and "Nokor" means town. Inspired by the former name of this southern land, Silverland Mây has thoughtfully named its restaurant, bar, and café areas to spark customers' curiosity and help tell the ancient story of the city. In doing so, Silverland Mây Hotel becomes more than just a place to stay; it becomes an enchanting storyteller for its guests.

The Prei Bar symbolizes a lush forest amidst the city's tall buildings. Along with the rooftop pool, it is a favored destination at Silverland Mây, specially designed for those who love unique experiences.

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Bar Prei and Rooftop Pool exude an enchanting elegance.

Meanwhile, Nokor restaurant is designed to resemble a small town. It creates a cozy and unique space that sets it apart in its service style. With pride in Vietnamese cuisine and the fusion of Asian and European flavors, the Nokor restaurant is Silverland Mây's clever way of introducing culinary excellence to all guests.

Nokor restaurant - where you can discover the "secrets" of local culinary excellence.

Bason Café Thi Sách - named after the famous shipyard of old Saigon, is particularly captivating with its high ceiling design reminiscent of cotton flower blooms, resembling clouds. Here, guests can feel peaceful and dreamy through the large windows framed by tall, lush bamboo trees outside, offering moments of tranquility to experience a "Dreamy Saigon" amidst the bustling city rush.

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Experience a dreamy Saigon at Bason Café Thi Sách.

In addition to providing convenient and quality accommodation services, Silverland Mây enhances the guest experience with KL Spa - a place to explore traditional Vietnamese therapies that soothe both body and soul in the serene atmosphere of the "town amidst the forest" at Silverland Mây.

KL Spa - A tranquil space for moments of complete relaxation.

With its distinctive design features and professional, attentive service, Silverland Mây not only welcomes international guests of HOZO but also contributes to promoting the image of friendly and hospitable Vietnamese people.

Silverland May - a modern space that cherishes history and preserves culture, helping to portray the story of Saigon through every delicate design and interior.

HOZO is honored to have the companionship and active support of Silverland May Hotel and Silverland Hospitality Group in the journey of spreading the message "From Ho Chi Minh City with Love" and bringing musical and Vietnamese culture to the world.

During the Lunar New Year 2024, Silverland May has a discount program of up to 36% when booking directly on the website for stays from 01/01 to 28/02/2024.

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